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Let’s Watch Wrestling – Episode 10

Andy. Jeff. Summerslam. 2001. Get on it.

Let’s Watch Wretling – Episode 9

It’s a hot change of pace for Let’s Watch Wrestling here in our 9th outing with some “love” shown to World Championship Wrestling! If you put on a show, and you have the BEST match in your company’s history on it, can that end up as a BAD show? Only one way to find out, so join Andy and Jeff in their review of Halloween Havoc 1997!

Let’s Watch Wrestling – Episode 8

It’s Backlash 2000 here on Let’s Watch Wrestling Episode 8! Join Andy and Jeff, along with the SHOWSTER, as they shepherd you through this super fun and flirty April offering from the World Wrestling Federation. All the frivolity you’ve come to expect, and way less painful than a DDT from the top turnbuckle, it’s Let’s Watch Wrestling!

Let’s Watch Wrestling – Episode 7

Replacement music ruins everything, but Jeff and Andy soldier on to bring you the hottest 14-year-old insights into WWF Royal Rumble 2000! Tables, dancing, barbed wire, MAE YOUNG’S PROSTHETIC BREASTS, and Andy Richter! It’s all here on Let’s Watch Wrestling!

Let’s Watch Wrestling – Episode 6

1999. The year of The Big Boss Man mocking death. The year of the Mean Street Posse. The year Vince McMahon showed us how you really book a giant. The year Miss Kitty became a woman before our eyes on pay per view. What a year it was. Let us take you on a journey through the days, weeks, and months… here on Let’s Watch Wrestling.

Let’s Watch Wrestling – Episode 5

Super Heavyweights, dead relatives, and puppies abound at WWF’s Armageddon 1999. Can Andy and Jeff survive 30 minutes of Vincent Kennedy McMahon “wrestling?” Check out episode 5 of Let’s Watch Wrestling to find out!

Let’s Watch Wrestling – Episode 4

A Stone Cold Swerve, a BIG title win, and a debut of Olympian proportions. It’s WWF Survivor Series 1999 on this edition of Let’s Talk Wrestling, with Andy and Jeff!

Let’s Watch Wrestling – Episode 3

Triple Haich! Steve Austin! The 1997 WWF Supercard results! Arguments over what this podcast is called! It’s all in the No Mercy 1999 coverage on Let’s Watch Wrestling Episode 3!

Let’s Watch Wrestling – Episode 2

Singing, riffing, reviewing! Andy and Jeff tell you all you need to know (and more) about WWF’s Unforgiven 1999 on the second ever edition of Let’s… Watch… Wrestling!

Let’s Watch Wrestling – Episode 1

What better time to launch a new spin-off than SUMMERSLAM? 1999, of course. It’s a format and name change for Andy and Jeff, so listen up and find out all about it! It’s Episode 1 of Let’s Watch Wrestling!