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Wrestling Radio – Episode 124

A MAN CALLED STING TAKES OVER SO WE WERE TOLD WRESTLING RADIO… for two minutes. An Evolution… Injustice? Chris Jericho is a LOSER! Ya got me on my knees, Layla! Fuzzy Network math! And so much more! CHECK… IT… OUT!

Wrestling Radio – Episode 113

It’s been quite the week for World Wrestling Entertainment, and the Wrestling Radio team is here to break down and discuss what happened. We even have a super special guest to offer her thoughts on the week’s events. So what topics are we talking about? The Royal Rumble and the insanely negative crowd reactions. Daniel Bryan and how the fans will not stop until they get him in every main event, and how it affects WWE’s decisions moving forward. Last but not least, CM Punk going home prior to RAW going on the air. We also have a few talking points about Hogan and Sting scattered throughout the show, and more! Check it Out!!

Wrestling Radio – Episode 86

Andy and I are back once again to talk some rasslin’ scoops. We talk a little about RAW and some Wrestlemania programs we would like to see. Plus a pretty lengthy discussion about Sting and the possibility of finally getting a WWE run. Then there’s the debut of the Wyatt Family! Plus there’s a cool segment about Sharks… and Knives… and MORE! So #CheckItOut