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Wrestling Radio – Episode 107

It’s finally time! The So We Were Told – Wrestling Radio 2013 Awards Ceremony! Well, okay it’s not a ceremony. Andy wouldn’t even let me play music. psh! It’s more like we just tell you who won! So who will win Match of the Year? Wrestlier of the Year? Feud of the Year? OUTSTANDING Wrestler of the year? Will we all pick the exact same thing? You’ll have to find out when you listen! It’s time for the #Sowees!

Wrestling Radio – Episode 50

It’s time for the second part of Wrestling Observer Awards! Plus a recap of TLC! Happy 50th Episode! Woot!

Wrestling Radio – Episode 49

We’re back again! All three of us this time! This time we break down the news and then jump right into our picks for the Wrestling Observer Awards! So take a listen and see if you agree with our picks. Feel free to tell us your picks too!

Andy’s Satellite of Love – Episode 11

Join Andy and Jeff for a lengthy discussion of fantasy wrestling, the Wrestling Observer Newsletter Awards, video games, and more fantasy wrestling. We really talked a lot about that. And hey, if you’re interested, check out the link to Jeff’s new e-fed: http://tinyurl.com/426q6ns