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Wrestling Radio – Episode 52

We decided to do a year in review show… so here it is in all it’s glory! See if you agree with our thoughts, and send us some of your thoughts on WWE in the year 2011!

Wrestling Radio – Episode 31

We’re here with our Review of WWE SummerSlam! If you haven’t seen the show, OBVIOUSLY there are SPOILERS! But if you wanna know or you’ve seen it, check it out!

2011 WWE Draft Analysis

2011 WWE Draft Analysis
By: Andy Napier

So here are my thoughts on the 2011 WWE Draft (Lottery).

On the RAW babyface side…

Teasing John Cena going to Smackdown, talking it up for nearly two hours, and then pulling it back at the last minute reeks of “Haha, you smart marks, that’ll show you” booking. It doesn’t make me angry, but it’s a prime example of WWE focusing on stupid things that seem to be on the show to amuse themselves rather than to get someone over or sell a pay per view. I actually really would have liked to see Cena on Smackdown, interacting with a lot of new characters.