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Wrestling Radio – Episode 103

We talk FOREVER about TOTAL DIVAS and it’s totally worth it. Then we have some news to discuss and a FULL RAW RECAP! Yeah, it happened. Guess you’ll have to deal with it.

Wrestling Radio – Episode 95

We’re back with another great edition of Wrestling Radio! We talk the Mid Season Finale of Total Divas, Monday Night RAW, and take FAN QUESTIONS! Also, we have a very special announcement to make! So tune in and #CheckItOut

Wrestling Radio – Episode 94

Hey you guys this show happened, you should totally listen because we don’t recap RAW. Megan says LISTEN in all caps. Cause it’s cool guys, Total Divas (the last two episodes), News and Raw HIGHLIGHTS ONLY. #CheckItOut

Wrestling Radio – Episode 91

We’re back! For more Total Divas and RAW discussion… and a hefty chunk of news to go along with it! So why spoil it here just #CheckItOut! Note: I tried something different on mixing the audio, which caused some crackling in places. I’m sorry.

Wrestling Radio – Episode 90

It has happened… Total Divas has taken over Wrestling Radio. As Andy pointed out on the air, in this episode we spent more time discussing Total Divas than they actually spend airing Total Divas on the E! Network. So if you’re TOTALLY into Total Divas than you’ll probably enjoy this episode! We of course talk RAW in the briefest possible way, ya know cause we have to, and also a few news bits. #CheckItOut

Wrestling Radio – Episode 89

The Trio of amigos is back to talk about three delightful subjects! First we discuss Total Divas and what it means for the future of mankind, second we review our thoughts on the taped edition of Monday Night RAW, and third we talk about the infamous South African Ball Buster. Apparently, the Viper has a target between his legs! #CheckItOut