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Let’s Watch Wretling – Episode 9

It’s a hot change of pace for Let’s Watch Wrestling here in our 9th outing with some “love” shown to World Championship Wrestling! If you put on a show, and you have the BEST match in your company’s history on it, can that end up as a BAD show? Only one way to find out, so join Andy and Jeff in their review of Halloween Havoc 1997!

Andy’s Satellite of Love – Episode 18

Andy and Jeff do their own year in review… FOR 1997! IS YOUR MIND BLOWN!? Well, it won’t be!

Andy’s Satellite of Love – Episode 1

So We Were Told – Wrestling Radio co-host Andy Napier is in the hosting chair this time for the first of many shows featuring him and PEOPLE HE KNOWS! Today, good friend and fellow wrestling fanatic Jeff Jacobs joins Andy to talk about his WWF 1997 project and more specifically, July 1997’s WWF Canadian Stampede! A fun, breezy show. Check it out!