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Wrestling Radio – Episode 101

Our second show in the triple digits is packed with news and analysis! Episode 101 starts of with discussion on the Hell in a Cell PPV what it means for the characters involved and where it could ultimately going next month, as well as towards Wrestlemania XXX. Then there is the other big story this week which is the future of TNA Wrestling. We talk about what we know for fact and discuss potential scenarios. Spoiler Alert, we talk about money a lot. Then there’s some odds and ends news so #CheckItOut

Andy’s Satellite of Love – Episode 24

The Satellite of Love is now 12 x 2! No 24 inch pythons in 1998 WWF though, BROTHER! Just HELL IN A CELL, DUDE! Don’t ya dare miss it, JACK! It’s King of the Ring 1998 with (in alphabetical order) Andy, Jeff, and Megan!