Monthly Archives: October 2014

Wrestling Radio – Episode 151

We bid #GrappleGate a teary-eyed farewell as Megan returns to So We Were Told – Wrestling Radio. Hear about all of the relevant shows she watched in her time away! In other news, the Jason: Pill-head persona continues to develop as he turns in his least coherent performance yet! Can Andy hold it all together? The only way to know is to CHECK IT OUT!

Wrestling Radio – Episode 150

Did we know we would get this far? Did we think it would last? Did we know we would gather a following? To paraphrase a popular lunatic, NOPE! But here we are just like the good old days talking news, and all that jazz. We don’t spend 2 hours breaking down RAW segment by segment, so if you’re in the mood to hear us talk about some wrestling related things and have less than an hour to do it. This is the episode to you! THIS. IS. 150! #CheckItOut #GrappleGate #SarcasmOnThatLastHashTag #DontGetMadBro #Hashtag

Wrestling Radio – Episode 149

So We Were Told Wrestling Radio is BACK with another action packed episode! We’re chock full of news, analysis, and barely-informed chatter about smart watches! CHECK… IT… OUT!

Andy’s Satellite of Love – Episode 52

It’s King of Trios time on Andy’s Satellite of Love! After a failed first attempt, we take another kick at the can. No Audacity crashes, check. Limited Skype failure, check. Emergency co-host to make sure the conversation goes a little differently the second time around, check. Join Andy, Megan, and special guest Adam as we talk all about recent Chikara!