Monthly Archives: August 2011

Wrestling Radio – Episode 35

Double header today! We cover Monday Night RAW and Super Smackdown! Plus we got some news and interesting ideas and stories!

Andy’s Satellite of Love – Episode 2

Andy and Jeff have their very first potpourri show! Topics include TORRENTS, the high cost of shipping for DVDs that weigh half a pound, how they’re UP on UFC and DOWN on WWE, and much more! Check it out!

Wrestling Radio – Episode 34

It’s that time again! Time for another RAW RECAP SHOW! Obviously spoilers are involved. You’ve been warned… but when you’re ready, Check it out!

Wrestling Radio – Episode 33

We’re back with another show on a Friday afternoon and it’s full of NEWS~! Some big, some little, but all interesting. So Check it out!

Andy’s Satellite of Love – Episode 1

So We Were Told – Wrestling Radio co-host Andy Napier is in the hosting chair this time for the first of many shows featuring him and PEOPLE HE KNOWS! Today, good friend and fellow wrestling fanatic Jeff Jacobs joins Andy to talk about his WWF 1997 project and more specifically, July 1997’s WWF Canadian Stampede! A fun, breezy show. Check it out!

Wrestling Radio – Episode 32

Here we go again with our third episode in three days! Check out the RAW WRAPUP!

Wrestling Radio – Episode 31

We’re here with our Review of WWE SummerSlam! If you haven’t seen the show, OBVIOUSLY there are SPOILERS! But if you wanna know or you’ve seen it, check it out!