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Wrestling Radio – Episode 79

So we start with a conversation about children’s programming and action figures. Then we transition back to professional wrestling, such Observer Hall of Fame, Rock/Cena/Punk, the booking of Randy Orton, new NXT Talent, Antonio Cesaro’s European Title win, Impact, Claire Lynch, Bully Ray, Lance Armstrong, and then we end with a lovely discussion of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and kick it big Willy Style. #CheckItOut

Wrestling Radio – Episode 43

Wrestling Radio returns with a heavy dose of wrestling related talk with Jason, Andy, and Megan! We start off with some thoughts on TNA Bound for Glory, Hulk Hogan, Ring of Honor, Monday Night RAW, plus some minor Smackdown notes. Then as a BONUS (okay not really) we discuss the updated plans for the launch of the WWE Network, recent news concerning the WWE ’12 Video Game, and find out who made it into the Wrestling Observer Hall of Fame! It’s a jam packed show, so check it out!

Wrestling Radio – Episode 37

This special episode of Wrestling Radio focuses on potential candidates for the Wrestling Observer Hall of Fame. We look at their strengths and weaknesses and discuss whether we believe they should be voted in. Later in the show (after hour 1), Andy opens the flood gates for my relentless rage. I apologize in advance.