Monthly Archives: May 2015

Wrestling Radio – Episode 171

The One with the Triple Threat Power Hour! That title has two meanings. FIRST Megan is back for her first ever Power Hour! Second, We’re discussing 3 major companies! TNA and all their crazies, RoH and their opportunistic money making plot, and WWE/NXT and all their highlights! So #CheckItOut!

Wrestling Radio – Episode 170

The One that’s a little more than an Hour. It’s not exactly a Power Hour. It’s still night time. Andy is tired… but that’s never stopped him from discussing Pro Wrestling! So we’re back to talk WWE Payback and NXT Takeover: Unstoppable! Oh, what’s that THE FREAKING ELIMINATION CHAMBER IS THIS MONTH TOO? Well that was unexpected. All that plus some news. It a hawt hour and like ten minutes. #DigIt

Wrestling Radio – Episode 169

The One where Jason and Andy’s Power Hour Returns! So here’s the deal. One hour show. Topics covered: RAW Highlights. Global Force Wrestling. Tough Enough Contestant Videos and Press Release. Then a full NXT 5/6 Recap! So #CheckItOut! #PowerHour