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Wrestling Radio – Episode 144

Do you have the WWE Network yet? Well you better get it soon or this episode may not make any sense! We’re here to recap the first two episodes of the Network exclusive MONDAY NIGHT WAR! Remember that’s War, singular. That whole Impact on Mondays thing isn’t covered here. Move on to some silly Impact obsessive nerd podcast if that’s your thing….

Are they gone? Okay, Good. The majority of this episode focuses on Episode 2 titled: Rise of the nWo. So we’re here to talk about how the New World Order revolutionized wrestling and helped WCW pull ahead in the ratings war. #CheckItOut, brother! It’s 2 Sweet!

Wrestling Radio – Episode 143

SummerSlam Review is right out of the gate! We run down the card give our comments, and talk about the big story… Where is this going with the WWE World Heavyweight Championship? Seriously, are they going to screw this up? Then, as promised… Adam is here to talk about WWE Supercard! It’s a fun show and we have a new hashtag #KeithOfTheRing give it a listen to find out what that’s about!

The Footy Freaks – Episode 7

The new season is upon us, and Paul & Chris are here with their preview and PREDICTIONS! Tune in to hear JUST how wrong they will be by the end of the year! The Boys hit England, Spain, Germany, Switzerland & Gibraltar (the last two not so much). Also, we have the usual rumors, as well as a REALLY HUMILIATING FLUB by Chris! That ALONE is worth the listen! Enjoy the show!

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Wrestling Radio – Episode 142

It’s the go-home show for Summerslam here in So We Were Told land! We run down the card (eventually), and hit all the other hot news items prior to that. Del Rio, Mysterio, Angle, Impact… other things, I’m sure! It’s So We Were Told, WRESTLING RADIO! ALSO CHECK IT OUT.

Wrestling Radio – Episode 141

Hey guys we’re here to talk about all things wrestling again. Andy is back! I presume his pants are on, I never asked. We all watched a Japanese G1 Climax thing with AJ Styles. No, it’s not porn. That’s Buff Bagwell, but that’s not what we talk about. So later on we discuss where TNA is, what Russo has been bloggin about, and then we move on to the future of iPPV and WWE lulz and things. There’s probably more. Why don’t you listen and tell me about it? #CheckItOut!

Wrestling Radio – Episode 140

It’s been a big news week, so we have lots to talk about! Joining us to dive into these stories is friend of the show Adam! He helps us break down the top stories of TNA being dropped by Spike TV: What it means for their future, What should they do to regroup, Can a new agreement be reached? The WWE Network second quarter figures are in, and they’re not what you would be hoping for if you’re WWE. We break down what we know and discuss at great length what we feel they should and should not do about it. Also, we talk some about SummerSlam and it’s build, as well as news on Sting and Daniel Bryan! Plus more so Check it Out!!