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Wrestling Radio – Episode 85


We’re back with some new sound quality and some discussion on where WWE is going with Daniel Bryan, some behind the scenes jobs, WWE2K14, as well as July’s Money in the Bank PPV as we then head to SummerSlam! #CheckItOut!

Let’s Watch Wrestling – Episode 1

What better time to launch a new spin-off than SUMMERSLAM? 1999, of course. It’s a format and name change for Andy and Jeff, so listen up and find out all about it! It’s Episode 1 of Let’s Watch Wrestling!

Andy’s Satellite of Love – Episode 26

We’re on the Highway to Hell on this week’s edition of Andy’s Satellite of Love! Andy and Jeff pump the brakes to stop short of crashing headlong into the movie monster titans that are Steve Austin and The Undertaker. The most notable thing on this show? Jeff and I disagree about something! It’s Summerslam 1998! Check it out!

Wrestling Radio – Episode 31

We’re here with our Review of WWE SummerSlam! If you haven’t seen the show, OBVIOUSLY there are SPOILERS! But if you wanna know or you’ve seen it, check it out!