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Wrestling Radio – Episode 114

Is this the calm before the storm? So much has happened the last week or so that this week actually seems calm and normal? That doesn’t mean we can’t talk wrestling, right? We talk historical NXT as Megan attempts to be caught up before the WWE Network launch. That leads to more talk about the Network Itself. WWE.com’s interesting articile about Ring of Honor. Plus there’s one more disgruntled employee in the WWE locker room who may be on the way out. Also, what’s the deal with Wrestlemania? Find out all that and more! Check it Out!

Andy’s Satellite of Love – Episode 44

In mid-December, a young man’s fancy lightly turns to thoughts of The Royal Rumble.So too does the glib commentary of Jeff Jacobs and Andy Napier, the first couple of Satellite of Love. In their corner this time around, none other than So We Were Told Wrestling Radio’s Megan. Join this jolly trio as they discuss in painstaking detail the first stop on the road to Wrestlemania 17!

Wrestling Radio – Episode 86

Andy and I are back once again to talk some rasslin’ scoops. We talk a little about RAW and some Wrestlemania programs we would like to see. Plus a pretty lengthy discussion about Sting and the possibility of finally getting a WWE run. Then there’s the debut of the Wyatt Family! Plus there’s a cool segment about Sharks… and Knives… and MORE! So #CheckItOut

Wrestling Radio – Episode 73

Jason and Andy are back after a week off! And there is a TON of stuff to talk about, and we get it done in an hour and 20 minutes! So here’s a quick run down. Some dudes got suspended, but for completely different reasons! TNA is actually a more logical and entertaining product than WWE. THQ announced a new game, and sold an important license. Plus we have some news on PPV Buy Rates! PLUS MORE! #CheckItOut

Wrestling Radio – Episode 66

Wrestling Radio is back to talk about Brock Lesnar, Super Smackdown Ratings, Wrestlemania Buy Rate, and More! It’s shorter than usual so #CheckItOut!

Wrestling Radio – Episode 64

It’s time to review the biggest show of the year, WRESTLEMANIA! Plus some interesting notes on the RAW the night after! So #CheckItOut!

Wrestling Radio – Episode 63

It’s the go home RAW Recap show for Wrestlemania! Plus we do predictions! Check it out!

Andy’s Satellite of Love – Episode 20

It’s drunken debauchery on the Satellite of Love! Andy, Jeff, and Megan recap Wrestlemania 14! Also, we talk about GILMORE GIRLS!!!!!!!