Monthly Archives: January 2012

Andy’s Satellite of Love – Episode 19

Andy and Jeff talk briefly about UFC on FOX 2, and then significantly less briefly (ie tons) about WWF Royal Rumble 1998! Stone Cold, Undertaker, Shawn Michaels, Mick Foley, and all your favorites… like, the Disciples of Apocalypse!

Wrestling Radio – Episode 54

This show is wacky. Just letting you know in advance. However, we made it very brief! Only about 30 minutes. We talk about the highlights of RAW and then we get our So We Were Told – Royal Rumble Lottery Numbers! So there is that. Check it out!

Wrestling Radio – Episode 53.5

Andy and Megan usurp the natural order of things and overthrow the So We Were Told empire! Actually, they just really liked WWE this past week and wanted to get it on record. Call it a ‘semi-official’ episode of Wrestling Radio!

Andy’s Satellite of Love – Episode 18

Andy and Jeff do their own year in review… FOR 1997! IS YOUR MIND BLOWN!? Well, it won’t be!

Old Business versus New Technology


By: Jason Spencer

Over the past several decades, advances in technology have allowed us to consume informational and entertaining content in numerous new and exciting ways. Additionally, it has provided us with the power to easily copy, change, manipulate, and share said content with virtually anyone we would like. One would think that with all the bright minds in charge of so many industries in this country that someone would have figured out how to take advantage of this bright new world we live in. Instead, the fear-ridden executives of the multi-billion dollar industries in this country want us to remain in the dark ages and only consume content how they tell us to.

Wrestling Radio – Episode 53

Wrestling Radio is back to talk about the things we liked about Monday Night RAW as well as some wrestling related news! So check it out!!

Wrestling Radio – Episode 52

We decided to do a year in review show… so here it is in all it’s glory! See if you agree with our thoughts, and send us some of your thoughts on WWE in the year 2011!

Wrestling Radio – Episode 51

Happy New Year, it’s time to talk Wrestling! Join Jason, Andy, and Megan as they break down the latest wrestling news! …and of course banter needlessly, or intentionally. Both? Anywho, CHECK IT OUT!

Random Radio – Episode 3

Random Radio is back with a SOPA update, someone Internet shenanigans, crazy decision made into US law involving comic book characters, a note on an upcoming Power Rangers adaptation, AND 2012 stuff! Plus the usual randomness. ENJOY!