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Wrestling Radio – Episode 125

It’s time to talk about expansion. So We Were Told Expansion! Find out how we book a local small promotion around TWO MEN! Also we have some news about TNA. No, it’s not the same news. Different small promotion. Plus find out what wrestling we’ve been watching lately! All that and more! Check it Out!

Wrestling Radio – Episode 124

A MAN CALLED STING TAKES OVER SO WE WERE TOLD WRESTLING RADIO… for two minutes. An Evolution… Injustice? Chris Jericho is a LOSER! Ya got me on my knees, Layla! Fuzzy Network math! And so much more! CHECK… IT… OUT!

Wrestling Radio – Episode 121

Let’s talk about WWE Countdown! That show is great. I mean, really. I love it. It may have some company on the WWE Network soon too! We review a list WWE sent out of potential new reality shows and discuss the how we see them turning out and whether or not we would watch them. Plus there are some news and notes! Wrestlemania is coming up! Catch up with Wrestling Radio NOW! Oh, and watch WWE Countdown, IT’S GREAT!

Wrestling Radio – Episode 120

This has been a slow week so we talk about what we’ve been watching on the Network and the build to Wrestlemania XXX! We discuss the matches already announced as well as some rumored ones. Some make sense, some do not. The Choice is yours! So give it a listen!

Wrestling Radio – Episode 119

We’re back to talk about the past week in WWE Programming including NXT and Monday Night RAW! The Occupy RAW YEEESSS movement finally puts the Wrestlemania XXX card in perspective. Find out what we think about that! PLUS we review our first retro PPV courtesy of the WWE Network as voted on by our fan in the Fakepunching Fellowship! Listen and maybe you’ll wanna watch it too!

Wrestling Radio – Episode 118

The WWE Network has been out for a week and some interesting things have happened! The team has assembled to discuss what they’ve been watching, from original programming to a personal Tag Team Quest! Also, NXT Arrival happened all that plus the latest wrestling news! Listen now!!

Wrestling Radio – Episode 117

It’s all anyone has been able to talk about all week! The WWE Network is here and we’re going to talk about it in GREAT DETAIL! We also bring in some guests to discuss their first experiences with the new service from WWE, what they hope to see from in in the future, and their overall opinion of it. Also some news and notes. So go ahead and listen away!

Wrestling Radio – Episode 116

Everyone has been asking about it. Everyone has it on their minds. So we jump right to it in this episode of Wrestling Radio – How much more NXT does Megan have to watch?? How does this think the characters have developed? What differences does she see between the NXT product and the WWE product? And what is she going to do with herself when she wraps up this marathon? All of that plus we discuss the new programming for the WWE Network. Plus PPV providers pulling Elimination Chamber ahead of the WWE Network launch. So hit play or download Episode 116!!

Wrestling Radio – Episode 114

Is this the calm before the storm? So much has happened the last week or so that this week actually seems calm and normal? That doesn’t mean we can’t talk wrestling, right? We talk historical NXT as Megan attempts to be caught up before the WWE Network launch. That leads to more talk about the Network Itself. WWE.com’s interesting articile about Ring of Honor. Plus there’s one more disgruntled employee in the WWE locker room who may be on the way out. Also, what’s the deal with Wrestlemania? Find out all that and more! Check it Out!

Wrestling Radio – Episode 104

It’s all Network all the time on the 104th edition of So We Were Told – Wrestling Radio! We talk launch date, programming possibilities, pricing, and even how Wrestlemania XXX factors in! And what the heck is Pivot, anyway? RAW, news and more on this week’s SWWT!