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Wrestling Radio – Episode 79

So we start with a conversation about children’s programming and action figures. Then we transition back to professional wrestling, such Observer Hall of Fame, Rock/Cena/Punk, the booking of Randy Orton, new NXT Talent, Antonio Cesaro’s European Title win, Impact, Claire Lynch, Bully Ray, Lance Armstrong, and then we end with a lovely discussion of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and kick it big Willy Style. #CheckItOut

Wrestling Radio – Episode 64

It’s time to review the biggest show of the year, WRESTLEMANIA! Plus some interesting notes on the RAW the night after! So #CheckItOut!

Wrestling Radio – Episode 60

This show is all over the place, BUT… it’s fun! We talk about Dolph Ziggler possibly being Billy Gunn, we talk The Rock’s movie career, and yet somehow we work it all into a RAW Recap of sorts. So check it out!

Wrestling Radio – Episode 58

We’re back for Wrestling Radio, but first we discuss crudely ambiguous promos, and then it’s on to Monday Night RAW featuring THE ROCK so Check it out!

Wrestling Radio – Episode 46

Andy and I talk briefly about WWE Desire videos, and how they should redo them, followed by some WWE ’12 tidbits, then it’s on to RAW gets ROCKED!~! So check it out!

Andy’s Satellite of Love – Episode 9

The Satellite of Love is back in orbit as Andy welcomes Jeff to preview UFC 136 and talk myriad topics; Degrassi, fave fives, the BOOM SIGNAL, The Rock, ONE MORE LEGDROP, and THE FLYING V! It’s WAY TOO LONG. But please listen anyway!

Wrestling Radio – Episode 38

The September 12th RAW Recap show is here! Andy and I break down RAW as they try to build up Night of Champions, PLUS some news on THE ROCK! So Check it out!