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Wrestling Radio – Episode 113

It’s been quite the week for World Wrestling Entertainment, and the Wrestling Radio team is here to break down and discuss what happened. We even have a super special guest to offer her thoughts on the week’s events. So what topics are we talking about? The Royal Rumble and the insanely negative crowd reactions. Daniel Bryan and how the fans will not stop until they get him in every main event, and how it affects WWE’s decisions moving forward. Last but not least, CM Punk going home prior to RAW going on the air. We also have a few talking points about Hogan and Sting scattered throughout the show, and more! Check it Out!!

Wrestling Radio – Episode 112

It’s the week before the ROYAL RUMBLE! What better way to spend it than with your favorite Podcasting trio! We pull out all the stops like it’s sweeps week. For Example, Did someone steal Andy’s gimmick? Does Jason know what a cliche is? How would Wrestling work on the Moon? Also we draw numbers for THIRTY members of the Fakepunching Fellowship! Do we stop there? To quote Megan’s current favorite hunk of manbeef, Dean Ambrose, NOPE! We also bring on Keith and Marianne to play PREDICTIONS and FANTASY BOOKING! Good times to be had! So go on, LISTEN!

Wrestling Radio – Episode 55

We’re finally back ane we decide to talk the last two episodes of RAW and the Royal Rumble as fast as possible! So check it out!

Andy’s Satellite of Love – Episode 19

Andy and Jeff talk briefly about UFC on FOX 2, and then significantly less briefly (ie tons) about WWF Royal Rumble 1998! Stone Cold, Undertaker, Shawn Michaels, Mick Foley, and all your favorites… like, the Disciples of Apocalypse!

Wrestling Radio – Episode 54

This show is wacky. Just letting you know in advance. However, we made it very brief! Only about 30 minutes. We talk about the highlights of RAW and then we get our So We Were Told – Royal Rumble Lottery Numbers! So there is that. Check it out!