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Wrestling Radio – Episode 129

Get out the plunder, daddy! It’s a special Tuesday night edition of So We Were Told Wrestling Radio, if you weeeeeeel. Get funky like a monkey as the crucial crew of Recking Ball, Steele, and Andy serve you up a heaping helping of pro graps news and analysis! Daniel Bryan’s neck, a Raw is Snore that even the Shield could not redeem, HAVING A FOXY DAY, fashion gabbing, and even a little bit of PURORESU. It’s all right here on THE MOTHERSHIP!

Wrestling Radio – Episode 125

It’s time to talk about expansion. So We Were Told Expansion! Find out how we book a local small promotion around TWO MEN! Also we have some news about TNA. No, it’s not the same news. Different small promotion. Plus find out what wrestling we’ve been watching lately! All that and more! Check it Out!

Wrestling Radio – Episode 113

It’s been quite the week for World Wrestling Entertainment, and the Wrestling Radio team is here to break down and discuss what happened. We even have a super special guest to offer her thoughts on the week’s events. So what topics are we talking about? The Royal Rumble and the insanely negative crowd reactions. Daniel Bryan and how the fans will not stop until they get him in every main event, and how it affects WWE’s decisions moving forward. Last but not least, CM Punk going home prior to RAW going on the air. We also have a few talking points about Hogan and Sting scattered throughout the show, and more! Check it Out!!

Wrestling Radio – Episode 111

The team is back to discuss the ending to WWE Monday Night RAW as well as where we think things may be going on the Road to Wrestlemania! But that’s not all! We’re joined by a special guest who will tell us exactly what it’s like to hang out with WWE Superstars who happen to enjoy playing video games! Get the dirt here!

Wrestling Radio – Episode 85


We’re back with some new sound quality and some discussion on where WWE is going with Daniel Bryan, some behind the scenes jobs, WWE2K14, as well as July’s Money in the Bank PPV as we then head to SummerSlam! #CheckItOut!

Wrestling Radio – Episode 64

It’s time to review the biggest show of the year, WRESTLEMANIA! Plus some interesting notes on the RAW the night after! So #CheckItOut!