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Wrestling Radio – Episode 98

A lot of stuff has happened involving a certain individual. I think you can guess who it is. You’ve probably CENAbit of him before. And then there is other news. So #CheckItOut

Wrestling Radio – Episode 83

We’re back with another installment of Wrestling Radio. We talk about the Cena Injury, themed RAW shows, DVDs, and a lot more so #CheckItOut

Wrestling Radio – Episode 69

Wrestling Radio is back with a NEWS SHOW, that is, we discuss the latest wrestling related news in our weeks SECOND episode! We talk more Brock Lesnar and John Cena mess. Was it all really shoot? A Work? A Cluster? PLUS news on Rey’s return delayed due to wellness issues! AND MORE So #CheckItOut!

Wrestling Radio – Episode 67

Jason and Andy are back to talk about all sorts of things. Including: Brock, Benoit, Heyman, and ::sigh:: John Cena. #CheckItOut!

Wrestling Radio – Episode 64

It’s time to review the biggest show of the year, WRESTLEMANIA! Plus some interesting notes on the RAW the night after! So #CheckItOut!