Jason Lee Scott

The original Red Ranger and the second Gold Ranger. Jason was the first leader of the Power Ranger Team. He originally commanded the Tyrannosaurus DinoZord, and occasionally the DragonZord after Tommy was unable to use the Green Ranger powers. His weapon is the Power Sword.

Kimberly Hart

Kimbery Hart is the first Pink Ranger. She originally commanded the Pterodactyl DinoZord and used the Power Bow as her weapon. Kimberly is trained in gymnastics and incorporates it into her fighting style.

Zack Taylor

Zack Taylor is the first Black Ranger. He originally commanded the Mastadon DinoZord and wields the Power Axe as his weapon. Zack is known to utilize the Hip Hop Kido fighting style.

Trini Kwan

Trini Kwan is the first Yellow Ranger. She originally commanded the Saber Tooth Tiger DinoZord and used the Power Daggers as her weapons. Trini often utilizes the Mantis fighting style.

Billy Cranston

Billy Cranston is the first Blue Ranger. He originally originally commanded the Triceratops DinoZord and used the Power Lance as his weapon. Billy served as a technical aid after in the Power Chamber after his powers were lost and he did not gain new Zeo powers. He later left Earth for Aquitar to assist the Alien Rangers.

Tommy Oliver

Tommy Oliver is the original Green Ranger chosen by Rita Repulsa. After choosing to fight alongside the Power Rangers, the Green Ranger powers were used up and Tommy then became the first White Ranger. Tommy became the team leader, and carried on as leader when the team gained the Zeo powers. Tommy then became the Red Zeo Ranger, and later the Red Turbo Ranger. Tommy’s most notable zords were the Dragon Zord, which he commanded with the Dragon Dagger; the White Tiger Zord, which he used Saba to help control, and the Falcon Zord.

Katherine Hillard

Katherine Hillard became the second Pink Ranger after Kimberly left the team. She is also the Pink Zeo Ranger and uses the Zeo Power Disc as her primary weapon.

Adam Park

Adam became the second Black Ranger after Zack left the team. He is also the Green Zeo Ranger and uses the Zeo Power Hatchets as his primary weapon.

Tanya Sloanr

Tanya Sloan became the Yellow Zeo Ranger after she returned to the Command Center with Aisha’s Zeo sub crystal. Aisha asked for her to take her place on the team. She uses the Zeo Power Clubs as her primary weapon.

Rocky DeSantos

Rocky became the second Red Ranger after Jason left the team. He is also the Blue Zeo Ranger, who uses the Zeo Power Axes as his primary weapon.

Aisha Campbell

Aisha Campbell became the second Yellow Ranger after Trini left the team. Upon finding her Zeo sub crystal in Africa, she chose to stay in order to help the tribe that befriended her. She sent Tanya Sloan back in her place.

Trey of Triforia

Trey of Triforia is the original Gold Ranger. He came to earth to assist the Zeo Rangers, but when injuried in battle he was unable to keep his three souls unified and thus could not utilize the Gold Ranger powers. He bestowed the Gold Ranger powers upon Jason Lee Scott. When the Gold Ranger powers were taking their toll on Jason’s life force, the powers were returned to Trey after he was able to unite his souls. Trey travels in Pyramidas and uses it in battle along with the Gold Power Staff.

Alpha 5

Alpha 5 was built by King Lexian on the planet Edenoi. He was a companion and assistant to Zordon and helped build organize the first base on earth, the Command Center. Alpha 5 has helped the Power Rangers countless times by suppliing them with information and coordinating teleportation and direction via the Command Center and Power Chamber.

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