Monthly Archives: July 2013

Wrestling Radio – Episode 88

The Three Man…. Band… er, booth! Booth! Yes, So We Were Told’s vastly superior version of 3MB is back to talk WWE Monday Night RAW and all the various shenanigans that ensued. Plus we talk about TNA doing stupid things again. I’m sure there are other random good bits in here, but why should I tell you? #CheckItOut!

Wrestling Radio – Episode 87

We have yet another return! Megan is back with Andy and me on Wrestling Radio! We somewhat disect Monday Night RAW from July 15, 2013. We also spend some time discussing what Megan has missed in the world of wrestling in the past 15 months. Good show, #CheckItOut!

Wrestling Radio – Episode 86

Andy and I are back once again to talk some rasslin’ scoops. We talk a little about RAW and some Wrestlemania programs we would like to see. Plus a pretty lengthy discussion about Sting and the possibility of finally getting a WWE run. Then there’s the debut of the Wyatt Family! Plus there’s a cool segment about Sharks… and Knives… and MORE! So #CheckItOut