Monthly Archives: November 2015

Propaganda with PC – Episode 4

Paul is back with special guest Andy Napier! They discuss WWE, NXT, Bryan Adams (the singer!), video games, old commercials, the legendary discography of SHAQ and a whole bunch of other nonsense! This was a really fun show. Take a listen and give us some feedback!

Wrestling Radio – Episode 180

The One after Survivor Series 2015. HELLO! The Team, or well, A Team is here to tell you all you need to know about WWE and NXT. We watched NXT and shortly thereafter recorded this podcast, so it was all fresh in our minds! Meanwhile we also watched Survivor Series and most of RAW and quickly tried to forget it all ever happened, but what we do painfully remember we discuss thoroughly! So #CheckItOut!

Wrestling Radio – Episode 179

The One where We’re excited about a WWE World Heavyweight Title Tournament! That’s right, there will be a new champion at Survivor Series. We break down what we know… and what is purely fantasy booking and speculation, of course. Plus talk about every newsworthy thing that happened in the past month! #CheckItOut