Monthly Archives: January 2014

Wrestling Radio – Episode 112

It’s the week before the ROYAL RUMBLE! What better way to spend it than with your favorite Podcasting trio! We pull out all the stops like it’s sweeps week. For Example, Did someone steal Andy’s gimmick? Does Jason know what a cliche is? How would Wrestling work on the Moon? Also we draw numbers for THIRTY members of the Fakepunching Fellowship! Do we stop there? To quote Megan’s current favorite hunk of manbeef, Dean Ambrose, NOPE! We also bring on Keith and Marianne to play PREDICTIONS and FANTASY BOOKING! Good times to be had! So go on, LISTEN!

Andy’s Satellite of Love – Episode 46

Andy’s Satellite of Love is BACK and just in time to witness the END OF AN ERA. Say goodbye to Attitude with body-destroying high spots, ill advised heel turns, and KAMALA DANCING ON A TABLE! Andy and Jeff bring it to you hardest with their take on Wrestlemania X-7!

Wrestling Radio – Episode 111

The team is back to discuss the ending to WWE Monday Night RAW as well as where we think things may be going on the Road to Wrestlemania! But that’s not all! We’re joined by a special guest who will tell us exactly what it’s like to hang out with WWE Superstars who happen to enjoy playing video games! Get the dirt here!

Wrestling Radio – Episode 110

The WWE Network is a real thing! A real thing that exists! Our correspondent, “The Recking Ball” was on the scene getting the scoops and stalking Dirty Curty. Andy drills her on the deets! Also we discuss what all happened in 2013! Apparently many things!

Wrestling Radio – Episode 109

We’re up late to record a RAW recap show! And it’s a doozy! The So We Were Told Legends are here to honor the RAW Legends, or at least we try in our totally professional capacity. #Grindin’ #DidTheShieldBreakUp