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Wrestling Radio – Episode 130

Andy and Jason are joined by fellow Fakepunching Fellowship member Paul to discuss his trip to NYC to see Ring of Honor vs. New Japan: WAR OF THE WORLDS! Find out what it was like for him to meet some of the talent, and how the crowd behaved in the Hammerstein Ballroom!

Wrestling Radio – Episode 75

It’s our DIAMOND anniversary show! Sorta! I guess! Anyway, Andy and Jason are back to talk about TNA and how great they are, RoH and how fun their live shows are, and WWE and why they suck. You know, the new normal! #CheckItOut!

Wrestling Radio – Episode 74

Jason and Andy LOOOVE TNA! So we have some TOTAL NONSTOP AUDIO about Slammiversary and Impact! We also discuss various news bits concerning WWE, plus there’s a run down of the RoH show in Charleston this Friday! If you’re looking for a RAW review this week, you picked the WRONG Podcast! Oops! Oh well, #CheckItOut!

Wrestling Radio – Episode 45

It was early in the morning and we decided we needed to talk wrestling! So here it is, find out what we thought of RAW, RoH, and some WWE Network plans!

Andy’s Satellite of Love – Episode 12

It’s Andy and Megan with a week in review! So We Were Told proper didn’t work out this week, so we’re here to give you the rundown on all of the events of Smackdown, RAW, and Ring of Honor TV. A hefty two and a half hours, but we had much to cover, and much to complain about! We hope you like it! We should be back on our regular So We Were Told schedule this coming Thursday.

Wrestling Radio – Episode 43

Wrestling Radio returns with a heavy dose of wrestling related talk with Jason, Andy, and Megan! We start off with some thoughts on TNA Bound for Glory, Hulk Hogan, Ring of Honor, Monday Night RAW, plus some minor Smackdown notes. Then as a BONUS (okay not really) we discuss the updated plans for the launch of the WWE Network, recent news concerning the WWE ’12 Video Game, and find out who made it into the Wrestling Observer Hall of Fame! It’s a jam packed show, so check it out!

Wrestling Radio – Episode 42

Andy, Megan, & Jason are back for a Wednesday edition of So We Were Told – Wrestling Radio. We review what could be the crappiest RAW of all TIME~!Then Ring of Honor! Plus lots more!

Wrestling Radio – Episode 41

Andy, Jason, & Megan are back AGAIN! This time to review Monday Night RAW, the Weird angle that went down. Plus Andy uses a LIST to compare the angle to past events on WWE television! Then there is some Ring of Honor discussion, so Check it Out!