Monthly Archives: June 2012

Andy’s Satellite of Love – Episode 36

We bid a fond farewell to the In Your House concept here on this week’s Satellite of Love, as WWF Backlash 1999 kills the concept once and for all by being way better than the prior month’s Wrestlemania. Jeff and I cover the event in detail, with jokes! And best of all, we do it in just over 90 minutes! It’s your only So We Were Told content of the week, so enjoy!

Wrestling Radio – Episode 75

It’s our DIAMOND anniversary show! Sorta! I guess! Anyway, Andy and Jason are back to talk about TNA and how great they are, RoH and how fun their live shows are, and WWE and why they suck. You know, the new normal! #CheckItOut!

Andy’s Satellite of Love – Episode 35

The 34th episode of Andy’s Satellite of Love is lost to the ages, like dust in the wind. You’re never going to be able to hear it. You’ll just have to accept that. Once you’ve moved on, be sure to download THIS episode, 35! Andy and Jeff continue their journey through 1999, telling you more than you could ever want to know about Wrestlemania 15: The Ragin’ Climax!

Wrestling Radio – Episode 74

Jason and Andy LOOOVE TNA! So we have some TOTAL NONSTOP AUDIO about Slammiversary and Impact! We also discuss various news bits concerning WWE, plus there’s a run down of the RoH show in Charleston this Friday! If you’re looking for a RAW review this week, you picked the WRONG Podcast! Oops! Oh well, #CheckItOut!

Andy’s Satellite of Love – Episode 33

It’s a new dawn, it’s a new day, it’s a new life… and we’re feelin’ Attitudinal! Andy and his constantcompanion Jeff blast on into WWF 1999 with a full review of January. Why? Because they were trying something. The rest of the month in review shows will be shorter, they promise. But if you’ve got a 90 minute commute to work, you’ll be done by the time you get home tonight! Check it out!

Wrestling Radio – Episode 73

Jason and Andy are back after a week off! And there is a TON of stuff to talk about, and we get it done in an hour and 20 minutes! So here’s a quick run down. Some dudes got suspended, but for completely different reasons! TNA is actually a more logical and entertaining product than WWE. THQ announced a new game, and sold an important license. Plus we have some news on PPV Buy Rates! PLUS MORE! #CheckItOut

Andy’s Satellite of Love – Episode 32

Jeff joins Andy for an Awards Show for the year 1998! Find out what they think is worth the praise!