Monthly Archives: February 2012

Wrestling Radio – Episode 58

We’re back for Wrestling Radio, but first we discuss crudely ambiguous promos, and then it’s on to Monday Night RAW featuring THE ROCK so Check it out!

Wrestling Radio – Episode 57

The full team is back and we have the Elimination Chamber, RAW, and SUPER Smackdown to talk about! Oh and Chris Brown being a loser. Don’t forget that! Plus more!!! Check it out!

Wrestling Radio – Episode 56

Jason and Andy do Wrestling Radio old school with the two man format to talk all the stories in the past week, so check it out!

Andy’s Satellite of Love – Episode 20

It’s drunken debauchery on the Satellite of Love! Andy, Jeff, and Megan recap Wrestlemania 14! Also, we talk about GILMORE GIRLS!!!!!!!

Wrestling Radio – Episode 55

We’re finally back ane we decide to talk the last two episodes of RAW and the Royal Rumble as fast as possible! So check it out!