Monthly Archives: February 2016

Propaganda with PC – Episode 6

Paul & Andy are back to discuss the following: lots of wrestling including WWE, Valentine’s Day (and Paul’s disastrous one), 90’s music and lots more fun!

Wrestling Radio – Episode 185

The One after Daniel Bryan retired. That’s right, we’re here to talk about what Daniel Bryan meant to wrestling and about the injuries that caused him to retire. We also break down this week’s NXT and talk some other news items. Also, did you ever thing what would happen if RoH got put on SpikeTV instead of TNA? Hmm… #CheckItOut

Wrestling Radio – Episode 184

The One where we talk about the ROYAL RUMBLE and NEWS! That’s right it’s 2016 and we have been waiitng to talk about some grapple talks! So here it is! Andy and Jason’s take on The 2016 Royal Rumble, AJ Styles, Nakamura, Lucha Underground, The Rock, and Road to Wrestlemania!