Monthly Archives: August 2012

Let’s Watch Wrestling – Episode 2

Singing, riffing, reviewing! Andy and Jeff tell you all you need to know (and more) about WWF’s Unforgiven 1999 on the second ever edition of Let’s… Watch… Wrestling!

Wrestling Radio – Episode 79

So we start with a conversation about children’s programming and action figures. Then we transition back to professional wrestling, such Observer Hall of Fame, Rock/Cena/Punk, the booking of Randy Orton, new NXT Talent, Antonio Cesaro’s European Title win, Impact, Claire Lynch, Bully Ray, Lance Armstrong, and then we end with a lovely discussion of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and kick it big Willy Style. #CheckItOut

Andy’s Satellite of Love – Episode 41

It’s a dark day here in Satellite of Love land, as I sign off for the last time. Join me and guest Franz Rudele as we talk all about Strikeforce: Rousey versus Kaufman, and say goodbye to this special little audio show.

Wrestling Radio – Episode 78

We’re back and bound and determined to talk about Pro Wrestling even if there is basically nothing to talk about! So we may stumble and perhaps mumble but we discuss some current events! CM Punk’s heel turn, Kevin Nash comparing guys under six feet tall to unimpressive male genitalia, WWE 13, Jericho & Ziggler, Tag Teams, Bully Ray and Devon, and much more! Not to mention the occasion derailment and side conversation, all that you’ve come to expect from us in nearly 80 episodes! OMG! So #CheckItOut

Let’s Watch Wrestling – Episode 1

What better time to launch a new spin-off than SUMMERSLAM? 1999, of course. It’s a format and name change for Andy and Jeff, so listen up and find out all about it! It’s Episode 1 of Let’s Watch Wrestling!

Andy’s Satellite of Love – Episode 40

Times they are a changin’ here on the venerable Satellite of Love! We celebrate our 40th episode with a return to the format I originally imagined: interviews! To kick it all off, this week we bring you a no holds barred chat with the man, the myth, the legend: Davekwon. You know Dave, you love Dave, now learn about his history as a wrestling fan! That and more on this week’s edition of Andy’s Satellite of Love!