Monthly Archives: October 2013

Wrestling Radio – Episode 100

In case you missed our special LIVE edition of Wrestling Radio celebrating our 100th Episode, or if you just want to relive it all over again. It’s all here for you to enjoy! Andy, Megan, and I would like to thank all of our special guests for taking the time to come on the show and have some fun with us. We could not stop saying enough good things about that night! So what are you waiting for? Listen again!

Andy’s Satellite of Love – Episode 43

When I was seventeen, it was a very good year. Hear all about the WWF in the year 2000 with the return of my dude, my brother, my man, hey, hey, hey, it’s Jeffy J! Jeff Jacobs is back on Andy’s Satellite of Love!

Wrestling Radio – Episode 99

We’re back with a brand new show! We start off with a debate on the future of PPV, and a RAW recap mixed in with some news. Also Megan has misgivings about Paul Heyman, also… where are Andy’s pants? #CheckItOut #AndysPants

Wrestling Radio – Episode 98

A lot of stuff has happened involving a certain individual. I think you can guess who it is. You’ve probably CENAbit of him before. And then there is other news. So #CheckItOut

Andy’s Satellite of Love – Episode 42

It’s the triumphant return of Andy’s Satellite of Love as Andy and Megan dig deep into the results, whys, and what fors of WWE’s early October pay per view extravaganza, Battleground!

Wrestling Radio – Episode 97

We’re back to review Monday Night RAW and we have a SPECIAL GUEST!! PAUL joins the cast to talk about Battleground, TNA, and to play a few rounds of Fav Five! So you all should #CheckItOut