This is a Fan Fiction project based on the Power Rangers Universe. The idea of the project is to create a reunion style episode that brings back more of the original characters from the first 4 Seasons. Being that the first 4 Seasons aired between 1993-1997, most of those fans have reached adulthood. With that in mind, I am trying to write the story so that it can be enjoyable for someone of my age, while still holding true to the Power Rangers established themes. I may not achieve this combination precisely but it is my intent. The general idea and concept of this fan fiction project came from my Multimedia Writing class.

In my Multimedia Writing course I was asked to provide a creative component in relation to my research topic. It just so happens my topic was Fan Fiction. I knew that I would not have the time I wanted to carefully put together the story the way I wanted, so I decided to make a promotional site for it. The site you are currently on, is not the site I originally created, but the content is still present. The first video trailer was used as the central focal point, and demonstrates two things. First is a detournment, meaning the reuse of materials and elements with the intention of telling something different and new. The Trailer may be essentially nothing more than clips from television and movies but it conveys the drama and emotion of a new story. The second is the idea of remix culture. All the clips involved in the Trailer may be good on their own, or they may not, but when they’re combined together and put to music it becomes something different, and in my opinion, something better. After my Multimedia course ended, I have created two additional trailers that featured in the Videos section. As far as the story goes, Fan Fiction is the art of storytelling using characters that you did not create. I have never written a story for Power Rangers before. However, I did grow up with them and they were a key factor in my expanding imagination growing up. Now I can put my imagination and experiences as a writer to the test to see if I can tell a reunion story not only the way I want it to be told, but in a way that others can enjoy.

Fan Fiction can be a great educational tool. While some people may not enjoy reading in school, they tend to enjoy reading Fan Fiction, simply because they are fans of the subject matter. When we’re passionate or interested in something we become much more submerged in it. Hopefully you will enjoy the stories published here, and perhaps it will inspire you to take a creative role in something.

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