Monthly Archives: December 2011

Andy’s Satellite of Love – Episode 17

It’s Christmas gifts, video games, 3D movies… and oh yeah, WWF’s In Your House: Badd Blood featuring one of the greatest matches of all time! Ch-ch-check it out!

Wrestling Radio – Episode 50

It’s time for the second part of Wrestling Observer Awards! Plus a recap of TLC! Happy 50th Episode! Woot!

Random Radio – Episode 2

The Randomness is back! Katie and Jason are back with Random Radio to talk about all sorts of things, but mostly Internet Censorship and Copyright Laws. So give it a listen!

Propaganda with PC

Join your host PC as he interviews an unknown, but very important man in the history of ECW, Tony Lewis!

From starting the letter writing campaign that got ECW back on television in New York City all the way through his legendary treatment of John Cena at the second One Night Stand PPV, Tony was there for the best and worst of Extreme Championship Wrestling!

In addition, get inside of the psyche of the man to find out what makes his tick not only as a wrestling fan, but as a sports fan.

Enjoy the show!

Wrestling Radio – Episode 49

We’re back again! All three of us this time! This time we break down the news and then jump right into our picks for the Wrestling Observer Awards! So take a listen and see if you agree with our picks. Feel free to tell us your picks too!

Andy’s Satellite of Love – Episode 16

Andy and Megan talk ZOMBIES. And nothing but! Except for the parts where we don’t talk zombies!

Wrestling Radio – Episode 48

We’re back (sans Megan) for another episode of Wrestling Radio! Andy and I talk issues with WWE 12 after some hands on experience, and it’s not perfect by any means! Then we discuss monster heels, and the possibility of a certain superstar turning (not the one you’re probably thinking). All that plus more! So check it out!

Andy’s Satellite of Love – Episode 15

The Satellite of Love is back in effect. Andy and Paul chat about all sorts of thing; Patrice O’Neal, e-feds, TV shows, wrestling past and present, and more!