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Wrestling Radio – Episode 119

We’re back to talk about the past week in WWE Programming including NXT and Monday Night RAW! The Occupy RAW YEEESSS movement finally puts the Wrestlemania XXX card in perspective. Find out what we think about that! PLUS we review our first retro PPV courtesy of the WWE Network as voted on by our fan in the Fakepunching Fellowship! Listen and maybe you’ll wanna watch it too!

Wrestling Radio – Episode 111

The team is back to discuss the ending to WWE Monday Night RAW as well as where we think things may be going on the Road to Wrestlemania! But that’s not all! We’re joined by a special guest who will tell us exactly what it’s like to hang out with WWE Superstars who happen to enjoy playing video games! Get the dirt here!

Wrestling Radio – Episode 109

We’re up late to record a RAW recap show! And it’s a doozy! The So We Were Told Legends are here to honor the RAW Legends, or at least we try in our totally professional capacity. #Grindin’ #DidTheShieldBreakUp

Wrestling Radio – Episode 105

GUESS WHAT! We discuss Survivor Series and RAW like the semi-pros we are. Plus there is some news. Yup, some minor things happened between our last recording and today that we discuss briefly. #CheckItOut

Wrestling Radio – Episode 104

It’s all Network all the time on the 104th edition of So We Were Told – Wrestling Radio! We talk launch date, programming possibilities, pricing, and even how Wrestlemania XXX factors in! And what the heck is Pivot, anyway? RAW, news and more on this week’s SWWT!

Wrestling Radio – Episode 103

We talk FOREVER about TOTAL DIVAS and it’s totally worth it. Then we have some news to discuss and a FULL RAW RECAP! Yeah, it happened. Guess you’ll have to deal with it.

Wrestling Radio – Episode 102

We’re back to talk some wrestling stuff, as well as our usual shenanigans. We talk about what’s currently happening in the news, some tid bits about RAW, as well as some TNA news that NOBODY CARED ABOUT, but they’re talked about anyway! YEAH! #CheckItOut

Wrestling Radio – Episode 101

Our second show in the triple digits is packed with news and analysis! Episode 101 starts of with discussion on the Hell in a Cell PPV what it means for the characters involved and where it could ultimately going next month, as well as towards Wrestlemania XXX. Then there is the other big story this week which is the future of TNA Wrestling. We talk about what we know for fact and discuss potential scenarios. Spoiler Alert, we talk about money a lot. Then there’s some odds and ends news so #CheckItOut

Wrestling Radio – Episode 99

We’re back with a brand new show! We start off with a debate on the future of PPV, and a RAW recap mixed in with some news. Also Megan has misgivings about Paul Heyman, also… where are Andy’s pants? #CheckItOut #AndysPants

Wrestling Radio – Episode 97

We’re back to review Monday Night RAW and we have a SPECIAL GUEST!! PAUL joins the cast to talk about Battleground, TNA, and to play a few rounds of Fav Five! So you all should #CheckItOut