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Wrestling Radio – Episode 148

Welcome to a special post Night of Champions editin of So We Were Told – Wrestling Radio! This episode is very special becausae we have our very special INTERNATIONAL guest, Amanda on the line! She shares with us what she has thought of the WWE product since last she joined our show about 9 months ago around the Royal Rumble. A lot has changed since then, but we cut to the chase and review Night of Champions and some of RAW to get a grip of where we are in the state of WWE! All that plus some news bits in this jam packaged episode! #CheckItOut

Wrestling Radio – Episode 147

Tonight on Wrestling Radio, Andy and Megan make their triumphant returns. What really happened last week? Who knows, we dropped that angle faster than Nathan Jones wrestling a full match at Wrestlemania XIX. Alas, we have some news to discuss, as well as some rumblings about the Monday Night War, in particular Bret Hart, as well as NXT. Then there are some real pipe bombs! No joke, I think Andy blows up his audio equipment. It’s insanity at it’s best here at So We Were Told! Tune in and feel the Madness! OH YEAAAH! #DigIt

Wrestling Radio – Episode 146

Get ready for a VERY special edition of Wrestling Radio! Rumors have been swirling that Andy and Megan are on assignment. What will they have in store for us? And Where are they? Plus, our coverage of the Monday Night War continues, along with all the news! So #CheckItOut!

Wrestling Radio – Episode 145

Buckle up! it’s time for a long ride as we talk all the news currently in World Wrestling Entertainment! Then we’re reliving the Monday Night War with WWE Network’s exclusive programming featuring The Attitude Era and D-Generation X in the most recent episodes!

The Footy Freaks – Episode 8

The Transfer Window has SLAMMED shut, and Paul & Chris are here to rundown all of the big signings and how they will effect the game. Not only that, but it would seem that Chris is broadcasting from the sea. You’ll understand when you listen. Enjoy the show!

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Let’s Watch Wretling – Episode 9

It’s a hot change of pace for Let’s Watch Wrestling here in our 9th outing with some “love” shown to World Championship Wrestling! If you put on a show, and you have the BEST match in your company’s history on it, can that end up as a BAD show? Only one way to find out, so join Andy and Jeff in their review of Halloween Havoc 1997!