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Legend Untold PART 3 is ONLINE!

The Epic conclusion to my Fan Fiction project is finally online!

You can click under Entertainment and then Legend Untold to find the link, or you can simply click HERE

I want to thank anyone who helped contribute ideas, theories, or just encouraged me to finish this project. As stated before this started as a college project in December of 2009. It’s come a very long way and taken several twists and turns. But I feel it is a proper tribute to the franchise and can be thoroughly enjoyed by fans during the 20th Anniversary of the series.

Once again if you’d like to help make it better by helping make edits please let me know, I will give credit to those who support the project in that manner.

Let me know what you think about it on twitter @jsteelespencer. Use the hashtag #LegendUntold.

Thanks again, and I hope you enjoy it!

Legend Untold Part 2 – NOW ONLINE

I just posted Legend Untold – Part 2: Rise of Cirko!

You can find it by looking under Entertainment and Legend Untold on the Menu

Or By Clicking HERE

Look for Part 3 NEXT FRIDAY!

Please note that this part did not receive nearly the attention Part 1 did as far as ediitng goes. I had trouble finding someone to be my second pair of eyes. If anyone would like to contribute by editing it and helping make changes to make it better, I will give credit if I think the suggestions are worthwhile and contribute. Thanks!

Legend Untold – Part 1 – NOW POSTED

Legend Untold Part 1 – Veteran Summit is now online here at So We Were Told!

Parts 2 and 3 are finished, they need to be edited to match the style of Part 1. At this point I plan to release them a week apart. But I might get jittery and decide to push the post button early with Megaforce premiering this weekend.

To view Part 1, Look under Entertainment > Legend Untold. Or follow the link Here